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First timers free range

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We let the Three Degrees out for the first time this evening, after the children were in bed. Dotty and Delores had both been launching themselves at the run door at odd times during the day, so they seemed pretty keen for a nose around. They were delighted :) , clearly really enjoying their freedom. It's only a small garden, so it didn't take long to explore, and they quickly became confident.


The climbing frame was a big hit, as were my newly planted hanging baskets (not yet hung - now in need of a few more plants) :roll: and they were very interested in the patch of turf laid last weekend :roll::roll: Dib Dab got into the children's toy car and had a go at sounding the horn, bashing it until she finally got a beep which sent her, feathers flying, from the driving seat. :lol: Delores was so shocked by the sound, she took off :!::shock: She flapped about, covering nearly 20 feet and getting about 4 feet off the ground :!::shock::shock: And her wing is clipped! Meanwhile Dotty decided anything Delores could do, she could do too, and she also had attempt, getting about 6 feet up, but only about 2 feet forward. :lol: She looked like she was pogoing.


Once we'd recovered from all the excitement, DH and I sat down to eat indoors, watching through the windows and glazed back door as the chooks foraged etc. Suddenly, we had an audience of three spellbound chickens, beady eyes closely watching our every move - and then the banging at the door began!


Finally, as dusk drew right in, Dotty put herself to bed in the Eglu. With a little persuasion, Dib Dab and Delores went back into the run (mentally, I think they had set their hearts on beds with duvets indoors), and treated us to a fantastic performance of the bedtime hokey cokey (in/out/in/out etc.) before they all stayed in long enough for me to shut the door.


Who needs a TV when you have chooks? :lol:



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