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Chicken-safe ant powder

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We have got a bit of an ant problem over the last few days. Sadly, the chooks don't appear interested in solving it for us - they really go mad for woodlice and spiders, but not many other creepy crawlies.


I'm going to need to put ant powder down - does anyone know if this is chicken safe?

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Haven't tried it, but somoene else here said they put the Diatom they keep for the chickens, down on an ant's nest, and it got rid of them!


Do you know where the nest is? boiling water usually works although I always feel horrible doing that .... :(

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i think it was me that posted about red mite powder on ants. If it wasn't then sorry :oops: but i used it a few weeks ago in the eglu on the bars, as i do most weeks, and saw an ants nest. I sprinkled a really small amount and they were gone in a couple of hours! :D

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