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Kathy C

She is flicking bark up onto her back. Anyone know why?

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I noticed this morning that Peri has been placing bark chippings on her back in an determined but also aggitated way, whilst she is trying to lay. It's as if she is trying to cover herself up. She is pacing in and out of the eglu to flick up the bark. She has messed up the hay in the nest as well.


The other hens are keeping well out of her way, and studiously not blocking her pathway to the nest.


Does anybody else's hens do this? Anybody have any ideas what is going on?

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Yes its just next building behaviour, Kathy! Not very efficient I know, but Maisy did this immediately before her first egg, and sporadically afterwards (when we had bark in the run). I used to find that a few of the bark pieces did actually make it into the nest! Now we have hemcore everywhere it doesnt happen any more - bit sad really - I thought it was rather fetching!

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