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I looked out the bedroom window to see OH in the garden standing by the chicken run with his arms in the air trying to stop Juniper escaping from the roof of our covered run :shock: . We've seen her on the eglu run and think she must have flown from there onto the roof - its six foot high! We managed to get her back into the run, OH is currently trying to make an adaptation to the run to stop her trying this again :roll: .

I'm just glad we clipped one of her wings!



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It is amazing how determined they can be. One of my girls is exactly the same. I have clipped one of her wings but she still manages to jump/flap/flutter quite high and prefers to sleep up high so at night instead of going into the eglu tries to perch in the low branches of a tree. Not very inconspicuous as she is white!!! I end up having to haul her down and pop her in the eglu. I hope she gets bored with it soon. :roll:

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