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Digging Rabbits

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Anyone got any ideas to deter my rabbits from digging the lawn up? I recently purchased the under run mesh but they just use one paw to dig in between the wire (they're not daft!) - so I was wondering if there was anything else I could do other then put them back on the patio - which I really don't want to do over the summer as they do enjoy munching the grass and seem to lie down more often too as I expect it's comfier then concrete!

They have plenty to do in the way of wood to nibble, tubes to play with etc. & I change them daily so they're (hopefully) not bored! but I'm finding I'm layering the ground in the run with these wooden slat things we have so they cant dig but it defeats the point of having them on the grass.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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hi i am going to try the grass saver mats like this




you can buy them in b&q

hubbie is a builder and does alot of work on schools and they use them to help erosion of grass from running/sliding children. i am also a teacher and i have seen it on schools in the past. they also use it around gates to horses fields.

you have to stamp them down a bit so they go into the soil. the grass grows through but bunnie cant dig holes. i havent tried them as bunnies grass protectors as our bunnies are not here yet. We have however used them outside the wendy house and other areas where the grass gets worn away in the garden, they are just hard at first to cut with the lawn mower but that shouldnt be a problem with bunnies.

you could also try a planting tray full of soil for them to dig in instead, i was going to suggest burying treats but that might just encourage them to dig even more!!

when my eglu arrives on thursday and i set it up i could post some photos, i am just going to stamp them into the ground where i want the eglu to go and just pop it on top. i might put some ties on so i can tie the run to the mats.

hope this helps


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Hi there! lots of good ideas, my bunnies dug sooo much last summer, we had to put them on the patio over winter to give the grass a rest. they are now back on the lawn, and have'nt dug at all, apart from a little dust bath they have made :D the only thing I have done different this year is given them more space to run, I bought these wire mesh panels that you link together, attatched it to their main run, looks like a play pen, but only let them in it when I'm at home, but it has stopped them digging, don"t know why. We are moving soon and they will be on decking, not sure about that, I will probably make a mini lawn, in an old bath or butler sink :) hope all goes well with the bunnies, sounds like you are doing everything you can.

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I too have the mesh but they still dig much worse thought they wee in the one place all the time (always outside) and nothing ever grows again, I now move the rablu round every week, so now they get a chance to destroy the whole garden! My lawn may be a mess but the rabbits are happy.

Good luck


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Surely the rabbits will find a new hobby of chewing up the grass saver mats?


Mine haven't been digging this year, but last year they made some fine tunnels. They have their own big run (not Eglu) so this is fine until they get towards the boundary.

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Hi All,


My late Matilda was a digger extraodinaire. On many occassions I would venture into the garden to feed her and Bernard, and be missing a lagamorph, just to find her a couple of feet down making a right royal mess of the lawn. I tried fine mesh, but she eventually munched through that and continued regardless.


I don't know what the Eglu mesh is like, but the winner for me was a roll of plastic garden mesh I bought from Homebase. Dark green plastic about 5mm thick with diamond shaped holes. Stopped her in her tracks.


They both spent a year on concrete and were thoroughly miserable, so I'd rather risk the mess and have happy bunjies.


Good luck.



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