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At the end of my tether....

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Looks like i'm still not getting anywhere with the feather pecking (it's really getting me down). It's been going on since Jan 07 since i replaced one of my chickens. There are currently 2 of them (Pepper and Ginger) -Pepper is going the pecking (she's the new introduction) -Nov 2006


Tried that Gentian Violet spray, separated them for 3 weeks, recently fitted a anti peck ring. But it looks like her feathers still haven't come back?


This morning i contacted the SPR and they recommended their anti peck spray as it really smells vile -so i'll give that a try this week. They told me the gentian violet spray wasn't a deterrant?


It's a pity as i really want to hold onto them both if possible...


Anyone out there having same problems? I running out of ideas....

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You could try 'hose therapy' - stand at the end of the run, and everytime the pecker goes for the peckee, give her a squirt with the hose - I've done this a couple of times, with excellent results! It takes about an hour for the one doing the pecking to take the hint!

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Pasq, feathers will take absolutely AGES to grow. They require such a lot of the bird's energy. You will need to keep feeding lots of protein based food, like mealworms and maybe tins of (unsalted, ie in springwater) tuna to help with maximum regrowth.

The purple spray is just an antibiotic wash, which has the added benefit of being purple, which does deter some pecking.

Somebody recommended recently that you spray it on all your birds, so as to not make one "different".

As regards pecking still going on: The bird with the anti peck ring should no longer be able to pull feathers out. :? Is she just pecking the area and making it sore? Is Ginger doing it to herself now?


You can use anti peck spray, I used one called "Bitter beak", which made the pecker somewhat less enthusiastic, but you will have to keep applying it, especially after your girls have been wet etc. I think it was Dan who posted over the weekend saying he put germoline on his sore girl and the others HATED the taste of that.

Stockholm tar is also an option, but it is hugely black, sticky and gloopy. Not a pleasant thing to apply, but apparently, very effective.


Another idea if you actually see pecking going on is to get yourself a water pistol! I haven't tried this myself, but a few forum members have found it works really well on unruly hens and they soon stop the unwanted behaviour!



Good luck: I know how distressing this is.

Do come back to us on how you are doing.

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