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want to buy new chickens any advice

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i have been looking on the omlet gallery and seen pictures of some people with 3 or 4 chickens in the eglu and run, we have eglu and run and two omlet chickens, we want to buy two bantams, i know the eglu is large enough but is the run, our chickens free range 10 hours a day would this environment be suitable for two chickens and two bantams....... please help




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I'm not an expert but I suppose you are going to get different replies from people on this question. I've had my eglu for a week and I wouldn't like to have more than three chickens in the run because I can only free range them whilst I am in the garden with them.


I think there is plenty of room for four chickens in the eglu to roost and therefore, if they are going to free range a lot of the time then it would be o.k. Free ranging for 10 hours a day is ample time.

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