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What is the height of the Omlet Netting

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I cannot find any details of the height in the description. A search brought up 6 pages and after reading through half a dozen threads I am non the wiser :roll:


My girls have never free ranged :oops: and I want to see them scratching about in the garden but away from the veggies :!:


Thanks for your help :D

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if you just click on "shop" and then on "chicken extras" (top right) it says: "Chicken Netting - 50M and Extra Poles

A 50 metre length of the 4ft high chicken fencing that you can use to keep your chickens in a particular area. Comes with 27 poles"


and "This netting comes in a 25m roll" but it doesnt say the hight of this one.


hope this helped! :D

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