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Moving of Hen house - Advice needed

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My hen house is currently in a windy and frankly not great position.

I would like to move it, but am concerned that hens will not go back into it a night. Will they automatically go to new position?

My garden is 1 acre in size so am a bit concerned that they may venture into field next door and get lost along the way and not come back.

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Hi. I only have experience of a nice little portable plastic eglu and not a wooden house. But my chooks don't mind which part of the garden it is in and I move it every 2/3 days. Admittedly, I only move it 2 metres along each time but during the last 2 months it has managed to work it's way from one side of my garden to the other. And the hens don't mind.


I've got a largeish garden (72 x 54ft) but 1 acre is huge. So I expect someone with experience on moving a hen house a greater distance will come along soon.

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Very much wishing I had an acre but until our lottery numbers come up ....


Can you move the hen house gradually over a few days until you get it in the position you want it? They should be okay with the new position, but if it's too far away, they might get confused!

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