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peppermint & citronella. . .& flies

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I know there was postings about citronella & flies earlier. Today I was at the health food store and read the ingredients of a natural pest spray. . .and it also had peppermint in it in addition to citronella.


I sprayed off the patio today with a natural all purpose cleanser and then sprayed it with a mix of peppermint & citronalla oil and it really seemed to keep the flies away. (I used like 90% peppermint/10% cit)


Plus peppermint is a bit more palatable than citronella for me. . .so it creates a fresh scent that is enjoyable. Citronella isn't totally horrible, but not the most pleasant fragrance in my opinion.


It's the first time I used it for this purpose. . .but thought I would share. I have a big bottle on the patio so I will keep experimenting with it. . . .& let you know later what I really think. . .

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