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Mr Fox least of our problems - Attacking Peacock.

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Well what an adventerous 30 mins we've just had. We live in a semi-rural area and have had the girls for a couple of weeks. Just now we saw a peacock in our garden pestering our girls. Bubble the big one was cowering behind a shed and when I get onto the garden with squeak, the smaller nervous one, ran at the peacock, barley moving it. I couldn't get it to fly away and resorted to the dog on a lead. It just then flew back on top of the shed looking for the girls who by now were both hiding behind the shed. Again only the dog managed to get the peacock away. The hens are now back in the run but this will be an ongoing problem as the peacock belongs to a gamekeeper across the road who breeds pheasants.

Q- Is th peacock dangerous to the hens welfare?

Q - What do I do?

Any help appreciated.

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Is it "wild" or does it have an owner? If it does I should try to contact them.


On the other hand, a few good blasts with a super soaker or powerful hosepipe should send it away.


It may just be curious but I wouldn't take any risks.


Perhaps the RSPCA or similar will take it away.


Good luck.

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