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Mrs T

Dust Bath

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I saw on the forum a while ago someone had posted a good receipe for a dust bath, which included mite powder, thought I might make my girls a proper dust bath, does anyone know the receipe or how I might find it, or something similar, at the moment I have just been putting dry soil from the garden in the corner of their run.

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I think we all use different things depending what's available! Some people use a soil or ash mixture, I use sand (the stuff that goes in playpits for kids) and mix Diatom or Red mite powder in.


I have a trug tub in their run for this purpose, it's easily big enough for the two of them to get in together and helps to stop the sand flying everywhere :roll: .

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I let mine out for the first time last Saturday and they eventually had a bath in the dry soil. All three of them togthter.


Since then they have not bothered bathing at all and we let them out each night.


I did give them some bird sand to bath in whilst there in the run but hey were more intrested in walking through it :roll:


How many baths should they have each week ?

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