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Well last night I decided it was time to move the compost bin :shock:


I got a free one from the council a couple of years ago and have enthusiastically used it as much as possible but there were a few problems :evil:


It isn't big enough for my garden so most of the grass cuttings were put in a seperate pile behind the shed :roll:


You can't get at the mature compost as you have to take the whole thing off and the new stuff at the top just falls over and makes a mess :evil::evil::evil:


I have since bought a new one which was delivered last weekend and I sited it and decided to put the existing compost into it and get rid of the other bin :roll:


So I shifted all the old compost into the new bin on top of a layer of straw and then covered it with another layer of straw for aeration and fingers crossed :pray:


The good news is the stuff at the bottom third of the bin was lovely, dark and crumbly so I must be getting the mix right :? It is just a shame I have now mixed it in with the younger stuff so back to waiting for it to mature :(


I think a liberal supply of you know who poo is resposible for how nice it was :lol:


The new bin is barely a third full so I hope this one is now big enough 8)

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