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I've just had a call from Mikey and I have been invited, with him, to the HOnda F1 race day. I am so excited and have been visualising going ever since Mikey said he was going and sadly partners weren't invited. Anyway I have now been told I can go :dance::dance::dance::dance:


June 25th at Silverstone. Drivers present, all sorts of manly sport no doubt :oops::lol: and a fast lap round the track with Jenson Button :shock::oops:8):D BBQ and drinks later! They use an organic farm/caterer 8)


I'll be taking my Jute bag Gina and perhaps Jenson will have his picture taken with it. I shall see if he wants one to take his sandwiches in, as he go's to the track :lol::lol::lol::lol:


That week is now absolutely brilliant with the cube arriving on the friday too. :D


What a start to the day



Edit : You can find out more about Honda and their use of this years F1 car to raise awareness of environmental issues at:







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Yes KateA, it's particularly good as the car is promoting environmental issues this year, just added an edit if anyone's interested.


Fate perhaps :wink: Mikey has paved the way for plenty of BHWT talk and eglu's and chickens. I think there's a sale in the making :D



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