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Ok, so my girls are on a patch of soil (an unused bit of our veg patch) and with the heavy rains we had throughout the night and this morning the soil is now quite wet and soggy. Is this going to affect the girls at all? I can't really do anything about it at the minute until Mark gets home from work tonight but wondered if it was worth scattering some of their straw about so the soil is less soggy? Also - this is going to be their permanent home - is soil okay for a permanent base? I'm worried about their little feet getting too wet!


Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help, Sarah xx

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Thanks for the replies and the help! Mark made a temporary shelter by covering the chicken wire with some bubble wrap on one side and glass on the other so that seems to have stopped it getting any wetter - though its still quite damp as its not stopped raining so haven't had a chance to dry out yet! We put some straw down on the floor last night but don't know if this has confused them as they have now poo'ed all over the floor - some of it is quite runny too! Will definitely look into getting some of that other stuff too! If we laid down some grass seed would they just eat it before it had a chance to grow?


They will be ok from the foxes in the house as the wire has quite a long skirt which is weighed down by bricks on some sides and 2 bags of sand on the other, plus its on a brick foundation so they would have to be very eager and very clever foxes to get in there!


Thanks for all your help, Sarah xx

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