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Introductions to a flock

Would you introduce 16 week old chooks to 4 existing chooks living in a cube  

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  1. 1. Would you introduce 16 week old chooks to 4 existing chooks living in a cube

    • Yes - but be prepared for some bullying
    • No - the flock will seriously harm the newbys

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I intended to buy 2 chooks tomorrow from the Wernlas collection.


When I phoned today they said they had none at 20 weeks but had some at 16/17 weeks. The woman suggested that they be kept separate from my existing chooks until they were 20 weeks because they wouldnt stand up to the squabbling etc.




My bluebelle was introduced at about 17 weeks to the existing group (of 3) with only minor bullying.


I guess all my current chooks are regular layers and now get on well as a group.

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Hi Jaime. I recently got two newbies who were around 15/16 weeks old.


I was advised to keep them separate until they were as big as my established 2 girls. I was quite suprised how much smaller they actually were when we got them home - indeed they still cheeped :shock:


I used a large dog cage covered in tarp at one end as a temporary home within the play area of my two existing chooks, allowing them into the eglu run when Hilda and Vera had laid and were out free ranging. At one point I did allow them to mix but it definitely wasn't going to work so I carried on until I felt they had increased significantly in size (about 4 weeks)


The introduction at this point was easy with virtually no squabbling at all which I am sure is because Hilda and Vera had got used to them being around.


Good luck whatever you decide to do :D

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I wouldn't put tiny ones straight into a confined space with my monsters, which is why I am holding on to my original Eglu.


It does, however, depend on the existing group of chickens. I could put babies with my Cochin and Wyandotte and there would be no problems at all. It's the pair at the bottom of the Cube pecking order (my newish Omlet hens) who are the evil ones. (Alma at the top of the pecking order thinks pullets are beneath contempt and ignores them.)


When I let mine out together, my little ones don't stand a chance because they are too small to retaliate. I have had the little ones three weeks now, and although they still can't stand up for themselves they are getting better at running, and I think in another week they could go together. They will then be 20 weeks old. Until a few days ago they were still cheeping, and so very, very small.

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