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will my omlet bag do?

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I dont have a tshirt :(


I have a lovely snuggly fleece though :D


I'm going on a school trip to london, i might get a tshirt for that (here's hoping that it will be much to warm for a fleece ( :? )


dont quite know what the kids will say (but dont really care - they expect me to be me - or at least they should by now!! :lol: )

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No. No. No.


Sorry Laura, but it just won't do.


I'll have to go instead.


I have an Omlet T-Shirt.


Can I borrow your bag please 8):D


Ps I spent a month in Helsinki visiting a friend I had over there. A lovely place. Very expensive. I know some good bars though :wink:

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im back!!! helsinki was brilliant and i have to say i think i should now be known as the fake fin!! with me having natural blonde hair and blue eyes i was constantly being mistaken for being finnish, i think the give away was the very blank look i always had when they spoke to me very quickly in finnish. not the easiest language in the world and when you only know one whole finnish word its a bit difficult reply and sound like you know what you are talking about!!!! the worrying thing was they actually seemed suprised that i was english!


i really enjoyed helsinki and would recommend anyone to go.


i got my picture, not a great one, but got one none the less.

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