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My WIR plans! Opinions please :)

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Hi all, WIR is planned and quoted for by A4U, thought I'd post the plans here!!


The first pic is garden layout, second gives a closer look at the WIR. Hubby keen on chooks being in WIR most of the time as garden has been destroyed by chooks! So am wondering what's the max number of chooks a WIR of this size could accommodate, both as one unit, or in each separate area if internal doors closed. I have a cube and classic, both to sit outside the run, as indicated on plan, purple cube and badly illustrated green classic!! With the internal doors shut each Eglu would effectively have its own WIR.


Looking forward to hearing your views, and opinions on numbers!


Tina :D




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Wow, you've been busy :lol: . Love the plans, it makes it totally clear what you want 8) . I can't see anything wrong with it at all, the only thing I would possibly do is move it off the patio so just the eglu table is on it. That way they'll have soil to rummage around in.


Not good at chicken maths, I'll let someone else answer that :wink: .


Just thought of something else! What is along the lefthand side of your garden? Is it a fence/wall that your run could be attached to? It would save a few panels and a little space too.

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Looks great :D based on 1 sq metre per hen about 13 max overall and seperate 4 in eglu bit and 9 in cube part :?


best way seems to be to start with lesser number and add a few more and if there are behavioural problems cut down again. My run could take 8.5 but they are better behaved with 6 rather than the 7 I had at one time. :D

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