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I've been Martin & I loved it. There are 2 large fields with wooden pens in. Each pen has a different breed of chook in it. There is a small summerhouse place acting as a snack bar / cafe & another that is a shop with chickeny things in. I was fascinated there & you need time to look round all the breeds. They are in tip top condition the chooks & well cared for. Ask Jaimes Martin, he's been very recently!

I'd also reccomend popping into Ludlow too!



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I've been and spent hours there! In fact my next hen will definatly be coming from there sometime soon. There are loads of breeds to see. It only costs a couple of pounds to look around and the hens vary from a few pounds to about £40. The birds are well cared for and look in great condition. I would definatly recommend it!

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