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laying in the run....

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...Hi there again, Hermione our Calder Ranger has laid eggs for us two days running now (clever Hermione! :) ) but she goes into the nest box, so I think she knows what she's supposed to do, then after a while comes out, then a few minutes later lays the egg on the aubiose (which is fairly mucky and damp) in the run. :doh: I know it's only a couple of days but I don't want it to be a habit as the others walk all over it til I can get a fishing net to get it out (can't reach that far in) She I suspect is also the cuplrit who's sleeping in the nest box and pooing in it at night. I heard on here that a football in the box at night will stop that so I might try it. How can I encourage her to lay in the nest box?


Mrs B

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