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Stopped laying - any advice?

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We took delivery of our eglu and three hens in May and all three started laying at the beginning of June.


The first to lay (Auntie Betty!) was as regular as clockwork producing six or even seven eggs a week, but she stopped last Sunday and nothing since. The other two were slightly less regular around five a week, but have a continued . She does not seem ill, and is eating fine although I don't think she is keen on the layers pellets as I don't see her eating them very often. We cannot see any sign of mites nor is her poo runny. Occasionaly she goes in to the eglu for a short while as if she is going to lay but comes out soon after.


Has anyone got any suggestions. None of them seem to eat a lot of the pellets, would they do better on mash? Could it just be this awful weather?



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Lady Cluck, it's uncanny you've posted this as I've just emptied out then refilled our Grub with pellets and ours haven't eaten any either. They're fine, laying eggs, scratching and drinking so I know they're fine, but from eating quite a lot to start with they seem to have stopped too. I've now had to say to the children no treats til after school as I wonder if ours are just hanging on knowing there's something better coming along :roll::cry: . Are your getting too many treats, maybe that could be it? It's hard to be strict isn't it? :lol: Failing that I have no idea and will watch for the experts answer!


Mrs Bertie

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Our girls arrived in May, and egg production soon commenced, but I think I have only ever had two eggs on 1 day, they seem to take it in turns. Freckle has had a sneeze lately and she has been treated and her cold has gone, but still not laying every day! I just have hens that are stubborn and lay when they want to......which is fine by me now that I know not to invite people over for scrambled egg.

I have been giving all my hens a dose of rescue remedy as I have introduced two pulletts, and a fox attack next door so they are pampered. They get pellett porridge at breakfast, alternated with a spring cabbage when they are in all day. I spend more time preparing food for them than I did for my Kids :lol:

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