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Chicken suppliers in/near Wiltshire

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I am looking aroung trying to find a breeder / supplier of different breeds of chickens in my area which is near Swindon. Has anyone had any dealing or recommend Wylye Valley Chickens near Andover? They seem to have a good selection of breeds available. Wyandotte's and Plymouth Rocks are the type of birds I have been looking at, just to add to the 2 Omlet birds I have coming.

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Hi Rab!


You're not too far from me. I'm about 10 mins from Andover. Haven't heard of Valley Chickens but try this place -




Ask for Ruth, she is really nice and lives about 2 mins from me. She has given me soooo much advice. I know they deal mainly with Black rock hens, but see what she has available.


All the best

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When looking for chicken breeders, don't forget the Omlet Wiki. Click on the county you want to get there quickly. You also need to look at adjoining counties, of course, as Wylye Valley Chickens are actually in Wiltshire, not Hampshire.


I am trying to keep the Wiki up to date by adding breeders as soon as they are mentioned on the forum. I was glad to have Country Fayre, as they don't give any address on their website (which I think is plain daft!) so I have only just learned that they are in Hampshire.

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I emailed Wylye Valley Chicken last night, they are at South Newton, in the Salisbury area. They do say they over 24 different breeds in stock.


I hope to get a few different birds and really like the look of Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons, I can hardly wait to visit them.


I don't get home from work until July 16th so hope they have lots still in stock. Below is the email reply if anyone is interested.





Thanks for your inquiry.


We will certainly have a fair few breeds for you choose from in a couple of weeks time. We will have plymouth rock, but not wyandotte. But lots of other pretty alternatives.


I hope this may be of interest.




fleur swanton.

wylye valley chickens

01722 743391


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