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My chicken Mabel has escaped to next doors garden and cant get her!! .... This is a house they are looking for a lodger so it is currently empty...I am unable to climb the fence as being too short and their back gate is locked.... I'm really worried she may get eaten ....

What can i do???

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don't panic ... if she got in there, she can get back!


get her favourite treat, rattle the tin/box whatever, or call whatever you usually call - mine will come running for mealworms, or just if I shout 'chook, chook' and rattle the box.


hope she comes back soon!

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I did it!!! wooooooohoooooooooooooo Im so glad the little .... """ just came ealking back through the hole in the fence, our neighbours have horrible conifers for a fence with wire and small trellis holding up the bottom... flippin neighbours

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