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Establishing the pecking Order

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Phoebe started laying last week, and while I know we have been very lucky that the girls have seemed quite placid and happy with each other, there now seems to be some trouble (mild, I'm hoping). Flo and Valerie, we think, are round-about the same age. Val's comb is a bit bigger, but then Flo's face is redder.


Now, I'd intiially been worried about Flo because she seemed so quiet but now her and Val are squaring up to each other fairly regularly while free-ranging. Val has become 'withdrawn' but will still pinch blueberries from Phoebe (who seems too stupid to realise she is top hen as neither of the other two bother her).


We've examined Val tonight and she seems to have some kind of cut near her vent, but it doesn't seem bloody, is quite clean and we have never seen either of the other two peck her. Difficulty is we work all day, so are out from 8.15 - 6pm so it's not surprising we haven't seen much. Val won't go in the run voluntarily though, she has to be caught and physically put in. It's breaking my heart because poor Val seems to make a crying noise too when she knows she has to go in the run. So, something is definitely going on.


My questions are: how long does it take them to sort it out? I have been thnking that one of the other two will start to lay in the next week or two and that will settle the arguments (won't it?) Also, because we are out all day how can we make sure Val is getting enough to eat? If I leave the other two in the run and feed Val seperately will this encourage the bullying, or is that just huskies? I just want my girls to be happy again! :cry:


The hubby is off to the shop tomorrow to get some anti-peck spray jjust in case!

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The breeder told us 3-4 days. :? More food stations are supposed to be a good idea. :D My hens seem to get on ok but I'm not sure they let the new one eat when they're all in the run. Mine free range for most of the day which means Daisy can sneak back in the run to eat when the others aren't looking. :lol:

I've read on the forum that covering the hen that you think is being pecked with tea tree oil is supposed to help. I think more people will look at your post if it was in the chicken section. There are lot of people on here who will help you. :lol:

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