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Is 2 years too soon to stop laying?

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I bought my wife an eglu and 2 chickens (Doris and Gertrude) for our wedding anniversary, 2 years ago yesterday.


Gertrude was the first to start laying and was as regular as clockwork for 18months or so. Doris was a late developer and less frequent layer to start with, but about 4 months ago Gertrude suddenly stopped laying and Doris seemed to take up the mantle and became more regular.


In the last month however we are down to just 1 or 2 eggs a week between them and the supply has completely dried up.


Neither of them appears ill, they're eating as normal and we haven't changed their routine at all.


My question is this - is 2 years of laying the limit for chickens and has nature just run its course or should we try something different to get them laying again?


They do free range most of the time and I'm wondering about confining them to barracks for a while so that they consume more pellets than anything else.

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have you tried to worm them lately?


if they have worms, apparently the only symptoms are: no egg, possibly a stronger appetite, and all else looks normal...


the website says that some people worm their hens twice a year just to be on the safe side...


you probably knew all this...

i just wanted to be sure...


Keep us posted about how it goes on...


A plus,


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i used "DB" which i bought from the omlet website, but i was stupid and checked the posts on this forum after ordering it and discovered that some people thought little of "DB" and use another product from another company the name of which i forgot...


i hope that's useful...


A plus


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:) Well, all 3 GNR's stopped laying & whitestar had only softies or nothing and they've been wormed. So, I thought maybe that's that after 2 years. I feel lucky that both PPs and also 2 newer birds where still laying, so it couldn't be circumstances.


Well, I gave them all Shellstim, which I can no longer find anywhere. But, it's the vitamin D, calcium & other minerals that I feel may be depleted after 2 years, even though they have pellets & poultry grit with crushed shells.


I now have some white eggs and a couple of GNR's laying! The shellstim worked best, so if anyone finds it in stock....? :)


So, maybe a relevant supplement as well as the worming?

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