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antibiotics and eggs!

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Rose, my Gingernut ranger has now recovered fully and has laid 2 eggs ............wait for it....with shells! hoorah!! :D

However she has been on antibiotics and finished them a week and a half ago.The eggs came yesterday and today. The vet said the antibiotics would take a week to be out of her system , so they should be ok to eat but wondered if anyone could help as i really want to be on the safe side.

Thanks for any help. Lou :?:

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How long you should leave it will depend on the 'withdrawal period' of the antibiotics and different preparations of the same medication have different ones so you need to check. Ask your vet, who will tell you.


One antibiotic I've looked up states "Chickens, staughter one day, egg withdrawal period nil".


It all depends on the product license.

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