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Some questions about my hens bumper bit!

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Bobbie has been wearing her bumper bit for quite a few weeks now and I have no regrets fitting her with it as the feather pulling has stopped and Rose and Ria's feathers are growing back nicely but here are my questions..............


Bobbie has gone broody (little madam), she is lining the nest box with her feathers but how is she plucking them out with a bumper bit on??


It appears that since wearing the bumper bit her top beak is growing quite long. I assume this is because she cannot wear it down but should I be concerned that it is quite a bit overgrown now compared to my other girls beaks??


Also, after the initial scratching at her face when the bumper bit was first fitted, she has been fine and hasn't really paid any attention to the fact that she is wearing it but for the past couple of days (since going broody if that makes sense) she is constantly scratching her face. She will stop whatever she is doing to scratch at it. I'd say she is scratching every 1-2 minutes.

She hasn't got lice or anything and the bumper bit is still fitting fine, I wondered if it was getting uncomfortable because her beak is growing too long??


Sorry to ask questions again everyone. :oops:


Thank you :D

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It sounds to me as though something is wrong. I would be inclined to remove the bumper bit. It is obviously irritating her, and it shouldn't be.


Was she still growing when you fitted it? If so, it may be poking too far into her beak now.


She may not be interested in pulling out the other hens' feathers now that she is broody.

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Thanks for trying to help everyone.


Bobbie seems to be coming out of broody mode now. :D I hope she is anyway!

Through a combination of shutting her out of the Eglu and putting ice packs in the nest she seems much more herself.

She just came running out of the Eglu for breakfast a minute ago without me having to shove her out so I'll keep my fingers crossed!


As for the bumper bit-yes I think that she was still growing Gallina.

I will see how she goes today and if she is still scratching I will remove it and replace it as I still see her having a go at feather plucking and to be honest, my other two girls are starting to look really nice and I don't want her hurting them again. :roll:


So-should her top beak be growing to the end of the bumper bit?

She seems to be eating, drinking and everything else fine so maybe it's not a problem.

Cheers for the advice :)

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Just thinking about the feather loss when broody Jay. It could be that they don't need as much plucking - when broody the undercarriage gets warmer so it could be that the feather follicles are more relaxed so the feathers come out easier :? Not sure how accurate this is though :lol:

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My Mum said that this morning :D


It probably is the case as it makes sense doesn't it? :)

Either that or the hormone that is released which makes them go broody in the first place, makes the feathers looser.


Tis all interesting stuff! :wink:


She doesn't seem to be scratching as much today-I'm wondering whether to bathe her beak and bumper bit as it looks as though it could have a little food stuck to it which could be irritating!!:roll:


As for her top beak growing long-I think while she's eating and drinking fine I will leave her be. Chances are it won't grow longer than the bumper bit as any of it sticking out past the plastic should get worn down. :?


My life is soooo sad! :oops::lol:

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