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Sneezing chook

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At the weekend I thought I heard my Ginger Nut Ranger sneeze!!

Do chickens get colds or could it be something else?

She has a slightly larger bottom beak but I've not heard any noises like this before.


If anyone has any similar experiences or advice then we'd like to hear from you.



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ours sometimes sneeze - it seems to happen when they have a drink of water (they like to drink out of the watering can and I wonder about it going up their noses/beaks - you know what I mean)


they dont seem to worried about it, and are perfectly normal (as normal as chooks can be :lol: )

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One of mine has had a sneeze for a while. I've been using Citricidal for week and a half in the water and the sneeze seems to have gone. May be a complete co-incidence, not sure. You can get Citricidal from the Omlet shop but I bought mine online (price includes P+P and you can choose size of bottle). It arrived really quickly.




Just a note though, when you put water on top of this stuff it has foam/bubbles on top, but agitate the water with your hand and bubbles go. Chooks don't seem to mind.

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