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Can quails get gapeworm?

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I have just raised my first little brood of Japanese quail chicks in a Brinsea Mini Advance incubator and they are now about 11 days old. One of them this morning was stretching its neck up and seemed to be gasping repeatedly (but otherwise looked healthy, not particularly listless or anything). I wondered if this was gapeworm but I can't find anything specifically on gapeworm and quails. Can anyone tell me? And if it isn't that what else might cause it? If it is...what do you give to quails for this? :?

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Im very wary about taking my quails to any form of vets even avian vets because I hear so many stories where they do more harm than good. Also even with friendly advice of people suggesting medication for me to administer gives me great fear because should I give the wrong antidote and end up killing them I will never forgive myself.


Anyway answering your question, because of the above, I decided to let nature do its job. Of course if my quails WAS in distress I would consider self medicating. However as you said, like mine, despite gaping repeatedly she seems quite happy.


Im happy to report she is still alive and happy, and still gaping! I do find cutting up her food helps the symptoms so I;m guessing if they seem fine apart from the gaping its due to them rearranging their crop. Im guessing most quails make no effort in this but like people, some find things easier than others.


So unless you quail deteriorate in health, I would leave it be and perhaps make their food alittle easier to swallow :)


Good luck x

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