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Might be taking the plunge!

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I've been really tempted by quail for a couple of years now. I have chickens, but have always liked the idea of quail. I have a few questions though.

1. How much noise do they make? I live in an urban area and my garden isn't that big, I don't want to upset anyone and am constantly paranoid about how much noise the chickens make so don't want to tip my neighbours over the edge!!!

2. I've got my eye on a rabbit run, the dimensions are 144cm wide, 54cm deep and 85cm high, do you think that's big enough for 4-6 birds?

3. Is there anything specific I need to know that isn't similar to chicken care?

4. Does anyone know of any good breeders near Derby and what are the best breeds?

5. Could a broody silkie hatch some eggs?


thanks in advance for your advice!

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