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Taming New Chooks

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I've been told that a good way to help tame and get the chickens used to human contact is to wait until evening and then lift them out of the eglu and hold them for a few minutes and then place them back.


Is it a good idea to do this from day one or let them have the 1st week in the run alone?


I'm off to buy our first chooks at dinner today!! :D


Also whats the difference between hay and straw and which should be used if there is a difference?!?!


Thanks in Advance

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Hi Rob and welcome to the forum!


Yes, its a great idea to lift them out after dark, but maybe wait a couple of days, if you can resist!



You should use straw as hay contains mould spores and isn't good for the hens. Many people on here use Aubiose or hemcore which is horse bedding (available from horsey shops - about £7 for a huge bale that lasts for months). I use it in the droppings tray and nest box, its very absorbant and dries the poos up nicely! :vom:


Shredded paper is also good! Just dump the whole lot on the compost heap!


Any others questions just ask, we're here to help!

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Definitely not hay.


I befriend my girls by hand feeding treats. Just holding lettuce leaves will encourage them to come near but not too close. Then you can move on to grapes and sweetcorn which they can pick up right from your hand. You'll have to wait until they're out of the run for this though. Lettuce leaves you can hold through the run for them.

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