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why has our leghorn stopped laying?

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Anyone got any idea why our leghorn has stopped laying? She arrived the same time as the others, from the same breeder, after about two weeks she laid us three eggs and has never laid again! :( She seems fine, she's happy, a bit flighty and I noticed today has a few feathers pulled from her tail, but she free ranges with the others just no eggs. And we'd really like some cos when she DID lay they were perfect china white eggs.


Any ideas would be welcome, mabe it's what leghorns are like but I thought they were supposed to be fairly prolific layers...


Mrs B

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Have you searched the garden?

if she's freeranging she might have made herself a little alternative nest in a flower bed or under a shrub! :lol:


Also, they can stop and start a bit at first. If she's happy, mingling and eating I wouldn't worry (just check the garden though!) 8)

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