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Brown nic???

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Our beautiful Ruby is a Brown Nic(k).


Click the link below to see her, she's the one on the far right having a sit down! She seems a little younger than the other 2 we got and so gets a little bit of grief.




We've had her for less than a week and she will feed from our hand and also really likes having her chest rubbed. She's very inqusitive...

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Our Milly is a brown nick and she is by far the biggest character (although the smallest bird) and is always tripping me up as she is virtually attached to my legs. She lays beautiful dark brown eggs and I would recommend anyone having one - oh and we named her Milly after our Ginger squaddie friend :lol:

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Our Brown Nick Delia is the quietest of our brood. She has never attempted to escape, unlike the others. She is placid, not overly friendly and has a great eye for slugs. She lays well for a few days then takes a few days off. As all hens have differing personalities you may not get a clear picture unles you own one! Go for it, you can never have enough hens! :lol:


I am unable to post pictures just yet but I've uploaded a picture of Delia in the gallery. Check out AJuff's hens. :)

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