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Something killed one of our quail last night

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We inherited two quail a couple of months ago. Sweet little things. This morning one of the dogs brought one in to me, he is a doll with injured animals and brings them to you! First off I though it was one of the welsummer chicks but it was one of the quail. Something had dug into the run, the hole was too small for a fox and certainly too small for a rottie so he had found it outside the run.


So whatever killed and dragged it out didn't bother taking it away and/or eating it. We do have rats but they have an easy source of food with the hen food and the pig food so would they really go to that effort? Other options could be stoat, polecat, weasle?


And whatever might have done it could it take a chicken?


Any ideas? I feel so bad that we didn't protect them more, but the were in what we thought was a secure run and have never had problems in 4 years.

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