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Where does our organic/free range chicken come from?

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This article made me very sad.



It did make me question what sort of place holds 1 million chickens though, and a visit to their website shows a photo that they are obviously proud of:


(go to about us then click rearing or breeders on the left menu)


Yet they claim to do free range and organic chicken too. I am uncomfortable buying my organic chicken from a farm that seems to be primarily a battery farm. How can we tell where our organic chicken has come from?

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I guess the only way to be sure is to visit the breeder first - and ask to see where they are reared.


And check out the chicks to see if the are healthy.


A good and responsible breeder will be happy to show you around.

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I would hope they have very strict processes and procedures in place to identify which birds are which.......Does make you think though, if they run out of organic that they could just get a few 1000 from their battery section........Lets hope they have things in place to stop this!


Although it is slightly worrying, at least they are trying all sectors, hopefull free range and organic will start to out weigh battery chicken and they will move to more free range and organic.......

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Unfortunately Sainsburys just say their free range chicken is sourced from "West Country farms", so there is no way of checking. It's an ethical thing for me - I don't want to support a business that makes its money from intensive battery farming. I used to get my meat delivered from Abel and Cole, who are excellent with very high standards about who they choose as their suppliers, but they are a bit pricey. I may go back to them for peace of mind. I don't really trust the supermarkets.

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