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2 weeks in.......

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Well its 2 weeks today that I've been introducing my new hen called Lulu. The pass 5 days she has been living in the same run and sharing the eglu, before that she had a make shift house out of an old shed and the orginal run that came with the eglu, and that run along side of the main housing run.


She has replaced Tuppence as head chook, and Penny is the last in the pecking order. Penny is currently having a moult, but doing ok.


My problem is that she still picks on the other two :( . Its not too bad as she doesn't draw blood, and hardly any feathers are lost, its more the case that she chases them around the pen. Its 10x6 so there is plenty of room but my orginal girls look fed up and sad.


Should I keep going with it, will it ever settle down.......I'm looking for any advice that you can offer


Many thanks



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Well i would say it should settle down, as she is only letting them know who obviously is boss, and so the pecking order is formed, i reckon maybe a few more weeks but it could be quicker/longer....... really depends on what they are like . x


Good luck x it will work out. x

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:( I've just picked Tuppence up, she feels so thin....I don't know wether I'm doing the right thing but I've seperated them until tomorrow, I really am trying to let them sort it out between themsleves, I don't interfere when she pecks or chases them but I also don't want to put the others in such a state of distress...........perhapes a few hours of calm may help.


Lulu is a friendly girl towards me and I think she may be being protective by putting herself between me and them.


:(:( Thanks ladylucan for the advice....I do hope you are right.....I want to give Lulu every chance..........but I want to keep my girls as well and heathly as poss. Am I doing right????


Penny is in moult like Ive said, and isn't laying at the moment, but Tuppence isn't and she hasn't layed for nearly 8 days. I'm making sure that they all get food and water..



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