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Guinea Pigs/Winter/Eglu

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Hi there,


I'm going to be getting some guinea pigs in around a week or so (looking at getting ones that need rehoming). I have just bought a pink eglu + 2m run that should be arriving any day. I was planning on keeping them outside all year, with the piggies having an extreme temperature jacket + a snuggle safe / hay if necessary... however, I've been reading that although the eglu is advertised as suitable for guinea pigs all year round it actually isn't & that the piggies should be brought indoors in the winter & def kept off the grass? Thoughts/opinions please! :) I'm new to keeping piggies, although I have bunnies (mostly house bunnies, as they thumped like crazy in their hutch at night)... !


I'm sure I'd figure it all out, just want to be prepared :)


Thanks X

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Hi and congrats on your decision!


What I understand is that guinea pigs can handle winter quite well, but only if they are allowed to build up a good winter coat by letting them get used to the drop in temperature. Just chucking them outside from always having lived indoors isn't a good plan. The same as with bunnies really. When getting rescues it's important to know if they where indoor piggies or outdoor piggies.


As a extra precaution, you can buy the isolation stuff for the Go in the Omlet webshop. Bought this as well and planning to put it in my chicken coop somewhere during autumn.

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Thanks for your reply - sorry I've only just seen it! I got my eglu & my two little piggies. They are about 6 months old & have been indoors. As the weather is still warmish they are outdoors at the moment & seem fine/getting used to being handled. They really like snuggling up in a cozy pocket thing I bought for my french lops (who always ignored it), so I am going to get them something smaller to fit in the eglu (they have some vet bed in there at the moment). I think they will be fine in winter with the insulation cover & a snuggle safe/cozy pocket & some hay... but they will probably need exercise time indoors if the run is inaccessible (snow & the like). Quite charmed with them :)


Thanks again,



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