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I would like to give 2 battery hens a home!!

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I was advised to have 3 because then if one dies the two left will not be lonely. Plus I think it is slightly more straightforward to introduce a new hen to two others rather than one, but not 100% sure of that! I had to pick my ex-bats up from Norwich, which is about an hour and a half away from where I live and they travelled really well, didn't stop me worrying about them though! The co-ordinators check that the travelling box you have is suitable before they let you take them away, I took 2 just to be on the safe side and good job i did because they rejected the first one i got out!

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Had a look at the website for the first time. I've never looked before as i don't have room for hens and know i would just want some. However, have noticed you can adopt one and they send you photos etc. I think I'm going to add that to my Christmas list :) and if I don't get i will just adopt one for myself :D

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