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Young Campbells

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I bought my wife two young white campbells. They're two weeks old now and sleeping in a box in our bedroom. They go out in the garden during the day, except today because it's been raining all day... Yes,I know they're ducks.


How old before they can go outside in their own ark on their own?


I don't mind them being indoors but they squeak like hell as soon as it gets light and, although I'm already beautiful, I still need my sleep.


Photo of them in my photo's.


Many thanks.

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Hi I have 2 khaki campbell girls. They are about 7 weeks old now and have been sleeping outside for a week. Mine were inside all the time till about 5 weeks old (when they got to big for their accomodation :wink: ) I then transferred them to a 'half way house' - a dog crate filled with straw in the garage for a couple of weeks, then they went outside in the day and in dog crate at night before going outside full time.


The only reason i have been slow at putting them out at night was because they were to share their eglu at night with 2 male call ducks and i wanted to make sure they were big enough to hold their ground.


I am no expert on ducks - this is just my experiance and I don't know whether what i did was right or not - if anything i probably mollycoddled them to much - after all wild ducklings live outside from birth (though they do have a mum to snuggle up to and keep them warm. :? ) I would keep them in for at least a week or so longer til feathers start sprouting perhaps? They grow sooooooo fast... If its a problem do you have a spare room you could put them in? My DH would never have let me sleep with them in our bedroom :cry: - we had them in the spare room away from prying eyes of cats and dog....





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I only have experience of ducklings hatched by their mum so I don't really know the answer. I would think they are similar to hen chicks in that they would normally be under heat for around 4/5 weeks, until they start to feather up properly.


With the summer we're having, I would be very careful about leaving them out at night, even after 4 weeks :? Do you have a garage you could put them in for a few weeks?

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I agree with Lesley - I think they'd be too chilly outside full time just yet. Our Indian Runner chicks are nearly two weeks old but they are still sleeping snuggly warm under their mum. They are in a duck house in the back of the garage too so they're out of the elements.


I would suggest a different room in the house for now...... but then, I like my sleep!! :D

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