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Scotland - Where to get chickens from?

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Me :lol: - no, only joking, I don't have any for sale at the moment and have only just put eggs in the incubator so it'll be a long time before they're ready! There's Paula's Poultry in the borders, George Ogilvie in East Lothian - he has Sussex, Marans, Rhode Island Reds.

Chookiehen on this forum got some laying hens from a place ? near Dunbar - you could pm her for details.

I can tell you of someone I would definitely NOT get hens from in your area - pm me if you want details :D

You could also go onto Practical Poultry forum and post in the 'Wanted' section, or look in your local adtrader under livestock.

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I too can heartily recommend Paila's Poultry near Jedburgh - she sold us a couple of great chickens, gave us lots of good suggestions about getting started and was more than happy to email advice to us when we had a broody bird months later.

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Vanessa, I can completely recommend Paula's Poultry - Paula is a fantastic woman, who knows her chickens, and is more than happy to share her knowledge with new chicken keepers. It's a bit of a treck to find her (she's up a hill in the Borders), but it's absolutely worth the drive, especially for a chicken novice - she taught me a lot when I got my first girls from her, and she has been a constant sourse of help and information over the last two years. Her birds are always immaculate, healthy girls.


I also picked a chicken from East Links farm last month - they hatched too many Lohman Browns this year, so are selling them off - they are all now laying and are hand tame already, as they are from their flock that are in the chicken field, so they are used to all ages tramping about feeding them!


I have a (red eglu) you can come and visit, if you want to see an Eglu in action!

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