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Broody Hen Management (or mismanagement!!)

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I just read that I should put my broody in a seperate "house". At present she is in the nesting box (has been for about 10 days). She is sitting pretty on eggs from the local farm. If I move her will she get confused? Should I move her now? The other laying hen is still laying in the nest box.


As I have a cube I know I'll have to move her once the chicks hatch (if any do) as they won't manage the ladder. I have a pet carry case I was going to use plus the old green run now we have Hencatraz finished and in use.


Any ideas anyone? Moving would have to be done tomorrow or next weekend.


Helen in Hume

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If you move her now she may not sit on the eggs again, this happened to me with Bunty, but i read somewhere that if you do move them it should be done at night when they are roosting and hope that when she wakes up she won't notice............Good luck i hope it all goes well.


Have a look at the practical poultry site there is lots of useful info. about hatching.

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When i moved mine i had to move two bantams as they were sharing the eggs . what i did was use an old draw that i had, put straw in it, and put it into the run where they were, i moved them into that and left them for a day, then the following day moving the whole thing with them still on the eggs into a seperate run where they stayed till the eggs hatched.


Good Luck with the eggs xx

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