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katy ruskin

Very broody hen!

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Poor Hen Pen has been broody now for over three weeks, is this normal??!!

I am certain she is not ill as I make her come out of the eglu every day to eat and drink which she is, she is still nice and plump, eyes bright and feathers glossy BUT she refuses to come off the nest!! She is very easy to manage in this state (although no eggs) but I worry that she doesn't seem to be snapping and if there could be anything else wrong with her although she is clearly showing all the classic signs of broodiness. Have tried closing eglu door (can't all the time because of other chicken wanting to lay), picking out of nest every time she goes in (runs straight back in), ice packs in the nest (just sat on them making them toasty warm in five minutes), even dunking in cold bucket of water ( flapped and squawked for a bit, then calmed down and appeared to quite enjoy it).

Seem to have one stubborn and very broody (but lovable) hen in the coop.

Any suggestions welcome, have heard about the 'broody cage' but don't think I could use!

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My Toast was like that as well. I got some fertile :?: eggs from a friend who has a smallholding and have let her sit on them. Maybe the eggs will hatch and maybe not but Toast is happy. She comes out to eat and drink and seems to be fine. Her friend Chips is not impressed at all though!


Helen in Hume

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