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Trimmed beaks

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Thanks for the welcome.


My two chooks arrived with their beaks already trimmed. I am wondering if they will grow into a more normal shape. I have had the chooks nearly five weeks and their beaks still appear the same, really peculiar !


It doesn't seem to bother them though. They eat everything that is put in front of them

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When my 4 Omlet chickens arrived, one of them had a rounded top beak but rest didn't. She still has this. Not trimmed just damaged I think.


When I got a new chicken from an agent, her beak was normal but she has now managed to chip a bit off the top part and hers too is a bit rounded.


They both eat and drink fine (in fact they are the two that get to the food first - may be why their beaks are like this). My children prefer hand feeding these two as their beaks don't peck their hands so hard.

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