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3 hours ago, mullethunter said:

AndyRoo I’m intrigued- what sort of creature is that in your avatar picture?!

I hope you're not referring to me!! lol

It's one of the Gromits from Gromit Unleashed 2. Richard (my partner) and I are working our way through seeing all of them; there's 67 in total, and we're unto about 15. GU2 is on until the first week of September, so we're working our way through as many as we can in a weekend.

It's part of the Grand Appeal, raising money for Bristol Children's Hospital: https://www.grandappeal.org.uk

All the Gromits, Wallaces, and Feathers McGraws are all themed differently and are scattered all over the city. It's great fun - especially with the weather as it is.

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2 hours ago, mullethunter said:

I did think I should’ve clarified which individual I was referring to!! That sounds like a fun thing to do 😀

It's okay. I own a mirror. I've seen how I look.

*sobs hysterically into a pillow*


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