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Omlet Eglu Cube MK1, Orange, 2m Run Extension

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After 12 happy years of keeping chickens, future plans have dictated that I needed to rehome my feathered friends recently. With that task now completed I am looking to pass forward my eglus to a new home - my Eglu Cube with a 2 metre extension, 2 metre combi cover (has some holes where the sun has caused run clips to 'melt' into the cover - but accordingly at the edge and still effectively 'weather proof'), chicken swing and 2 meter perch (not even taken out of the box). It comes complete with a standard 'glug' and a nipple 'glug' - I have misplaced the 'grub' however, but have a hanging feeder that does that job (see photos).
It has been in use for 10 years but - in my opinion - is still in excellent condition (a bit of a pressure wash helped on that front, cat not included - lol). It has been almost completely disassembled other than the cube itself remains on stand/wheels, but no doubt would easily separate (by buyer) if wanted/needed (around 20 minutes or less I imagine).

Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop Mk1 With 2m Run and accessories





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My apologies - price is on the eBay listing but forgot to put it on here (d'oh!) - £450. This includes the Cube, 2 metre run extension, 2 metre combi cover (non perfect), glugs, hanging (non Omlet) feeder, chicken swing and (still boxed, unused) 2 metre perch.

I am in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.


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