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Help! Should I get an eglu extension or a separate run?

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I'm feeling guilty that my 3 girls only have the standard run and am too worried about foxes to let them freerange without supervision.


Would I be better to just get the run converter to give them a bit more space & ask OH for the extension for Xmas (he doesn't want to spend any more money on the girls :cry: )




persuade OH to let me buy this on Ebay ("The enclosure measures

216 x 116 x 65 cm") & leave them in it during the day, moving it around the garden to give them variety.




Or am I being pathetic - the hens will be quite happy where they are?

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Firstly, I don't think you're being pathetic - they are fine as they are, but who wouldn't want to give their girls more space - especially if you can't let them free-range as much as you'd like.


I'm in the same position, although I only have 2 hens at the moment, and I got the converter and extension. The extension is still in the garage in its box, because once I put the converter on it gave so much extra space, I didn't bother adding any more!


This looks good, but it adds up to roughly 3 sq metres of additional space. It won't have the skirt that the Eglu run has, which could make it vulnerable to digging under, and I'm not sure what sort of mesh it is - although if it's ok for guinea-pigs, it must be quite close mesh.


The Eglu converter and extension between them add another 2m length to the run, so you'd probably get almost the equivalent space with those, and you've be confident that it was going to be as safe as the original run.


The only downside to having the converter/extension is the length - it does start to look a bit like a poly-tunnel! You might find this square shape fitted better in your garden. I'd say go for the converter, and then see if you still want the extension for Christmas, you might find you don't need it.

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