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Help! My chickens are frightened of me

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Hi everyone,


I am really worried because my 6 chickens have suddenly become very frightened of me and I don't know how to remedy the situation. I have had them since mid June and, apart from their initial suspicion , they have always been very friendly - eating out of my hand, pecking my feet and legs, rushing towards me whenever I appeared and talking to me all the time.

They have suddenly become very nervous and dash off when I approach, even when I come to give them their treats. The only thing, as far as I know, that might have upset them is my husband accidentally dropping a full bag of layers pellets near their run a couple of weeks ago when they absolutely freaked out and haven't been the same since. Could they still remember this incident? They all seem to be in good health, no mites or anything like that.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do? I am being very careful about noise etc when I am with them, trying not to make any sudden movements when going about the usual routine with them, but would be very grateful for your advice.


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Oooh...I don't know. :shock:


Difficult for you.....I would say just persevere, and give them treats...they will get over it eventually.


You could pick them out of the Eglu at night and give them a cuddle, they won't object when they are sleepy, and it may help them get used to you again.


Good luck.

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