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Recuperation of battery hens

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How long on average would you say it took battery hens to recuperate enough to go in with some existing bolshy hens.

I'm thinking if I got some in th enext month or so when my chicks go to their new home and I'm hoping they would be out of the eglu into the cube in time for me to have hatches in the eglu next spring.

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Hello, I would think it depends on the state of your ex batts when you get them :?


I kept mine separate for a couple of months, as Pixie couldn't walk at first, and I wanted her to be full strength before she had to square up to the others :)


My original chooks freeranged around the eglu and run with the ex-batt girls in fo a couple of weeks, then I let them all out to freerange together :D


They were so funny running around the garden in groups of 4 :lol: They slept seperately by choice to start with, and I put the eglus side by side, then they started to sleep in any combination :lol:


Good luck with your rescue girls, they are wonderful :D


karen x

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