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would you like to donate a photograph???

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Hello everyone!


Do you have one or two really good pics of your girlies?


I am currently on the hunt for photographs of chickens, but I don't want to 'steal' them from the image section of the forum - I'd like your donations...


If you have an unusual, funny or beautiful photo of one or all of your hens and you wouldn't mind sending it to me, it'd be lovely to have a go at drawing/painting them...


I am a bit poorly at the moment as I am recovering from an operation (op No.14 if you please) and to take my mind of it all, I've taken up painting and drawing again.


I've started a website: www.fresh-as-a-daisy.com - if you take a peek you can see my first two drawings in 3 years...


At the moment I am drawing my own hens, but would like new sources of inspiration.


Please feel free to take a peek at my site and/or PM me with link/files of photo's.


Just your favourite one or two photo's would be great. Don't worry about sending loads. The more colourful or funny the better! I particularly love interesting markings on chooks and funny poses!


Please only do this if you are happy for me to submit my drawing/painting of your photograph(s) on my website (I don't want to get into some copyright hoohaa!)


This is just a hobby and a distraction from real life at the mo, but if people like my work enough in the future I may consider selling/displaying my paintings/drawings and I'd hate to upset anyone by not getting consent to use their original photographs - hope that makes sense.


So, by sending me your pics, you're consenting to me using them in the above mentioned ways. I will not pass your photograph off as my own, but I may use my drawing of your photograph on my site, make it into a greetings card or just keep it in my sketch book. Who knows...?!


Hope that's covered it all. Sorry for being so long winded.


Any photographic donations or comments would be gratefully received!


(This topic is also on the 'Nesting Box' section so sorry if you have already read this there).


Many thanks for your time, love Milly & the girls

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wow I've just had a look your paintings/drawings are lovely!

I have literally only just set up a gallery on here so I'll have a look and try to figure out how to get a link to it and you're very welcome to draw any of our 2 although there's not a huge amount on there, they don't stay still for more than about 2 seconds so most of my photos of them are disasters and blurry!

anyway, feel free to use any if you think they're any good and if I ever manage to get a decent one of them doing something silly then I'll send you a link to it

out of interest how long does it take you to do drawings like the ones on your website?

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