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The Pearsons

My chicks and hens haven't read the book

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It says in the books and on all the hen forums that I should keep my chicks (and Mama hen) away from the big girls for 8 or 12 or more weeks.


Well my chicks were 3 weeks hatched last Tuesday and they dug their way out of the maternity wing aided by the big girls and Mama. I spent two day filling in the holes they dug and surrounding the unit with slabs and...... anyway as soon as I had one escape route blocked they had made another so I gave up and let them range together. They did sleep in their own place with Mama on Tuesday though.... On Wednesday Mama decided to sleep in the nesting place in the cube and shouted and shouted for the chicks to join her. The pale chick was fine and got up but the darker chick wasn't able to make it up the ladder so I caught it and pooped it in. Thurday night both chicks were in the cube with the big girls. I have just left them to it and all seems to be fine.


I spoke with my friend at the smallholding and she says that when her top chooks have small chicks they do exactly the same and the chicks do seem to survive and thrive - eventually becoming very high in the pecking order themselves.


Helen in Hume


Let's just hope that things continue as they are.

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Well I had no intention of hatching chicks at all but when Toast went broody and I was offered the eggs from a farm (they run a rooster so the equipmet was in place so to speak) it seemed like a good idea.....


Of the six eggs three hatched and two of the chicks survived. The smallest and weakest chick was ignored by Mama I'm afraid. Nature is red in tooth and claw as they say.....


Helen in Hume

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